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Behind The Scenes – The path to fEROSh

By Rachel Shaw

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Shooting the photos of the clothes was a lot of fun.  I am grateful to have had the brilliant photography skills of Val Provost to ensure every photo was captured perfectly.

Trusting The Process



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 fEROSh has grown from a tiny “seed of possibility”,  to this website.  My ambition survived a fire (during my first launch), as well as my battle with Lyme disease.  When we have a dream, sometimes it’s necessary to adapt our timeline and strategy.  When the road gets rocky it means that it’s time to get back to the drawing board.  I had to several times.   When life throws a few hurdles in our path, it’s time to step up – not give up.




Mindset is my driving force.  

I view my world as a landscape of lego blocks, and I want to build.  I have infused my outlook on life into this boutique which is deeply influenced by my role as a Master Life Coach: To be fulfilled, we must nurture our passions.   So I challenge you to step into your greatness and don’t be afraid to shine.  All you need is a vision, a great set of heels, and you can do anything.    Life is YOUR catwalk.

Rachel Shaw

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