When the #Hustle Takes Over

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Lady, I would bet my handbag that YOU were one of those little girls who dreamed. Don’t tell me you didn’t stumble around in your mom’s giant high heels anticipating the day that YOU would get to conquer the world; And I know that you would stare at the moon wondering if it really was made out of cheese. O, you dared to dream…. And those dreams – they took flight in a world without limits.

But then chances are… something happened.  You put away your plastic tiara, and traded your child-like sense of wonder for “practicality”.


But is it possible that you also sacrificed your truest self?

I am a tad guilty of the #boringadulting I spaeketh of.   For 5 years of my life, I barely touched my kick-ass concert series Yamaha piano.

— “Ya, so-what Rachel?  Plenty of people play instruments when they are younger and give it up.  That’s what happens”

But you don’t get it.  It wasn’t just the piano I was giving up.  It was a sign of losing myself.  I used to joke that if you were to cut me, I would bleed notes.   I let my piano collect dust JUST BECAUSE there were more “important” things to do”.  I think it perhaps started because I was working long hours at my job as marketing director and blah blah blah (insert excuses here).  I was always busy.  I wore that busyness around like a bad-ass badge of honour.

I gave music up because I was caught up in the #hustle.  But what I have learned is that ANYTHING that makes us come alive will help give us the fire to #getitdone.

You are more than just your job.

You are more than your family, your spouse (or lack thereof).

You are not an extension of your kids.

You are not the degrees on your wall.

You are everything that makes you come alive.

So, I am a fashion entrepreneur – a life coach – a mom.  My plate is full.  And this is why I NEED my piano as much as I need my coffee.  One day I woke up.  I remembered that I am also a passionate composer of music.  I am a creative human being.  I am that little girl who would set her keyboard in front of a movie and turn the volume down so I could improvise along with the action…

I am still her.

I just forgot that for a while.

Growing up doesn’t have to mean we lose that sense of wonder.  We don’t have to ALWAYS #hustle.  It’s ok to be busy if what we are doing makes us come alive.  But why do we as women feel the pressure to be busy (in the fast lane) instead of being authentic and inspired in the lane that fulfills us?

I wanted to share this part of me with you all.  I hope you enjoy my ‘Old Hollywood’ inspired composition.   It’s slow with all the melancholy of an autumn stroll – on a day free of “devices” and “to-do’s”.

Rachel Shaw Life Coach fEROSh

You are a diamond with many sides; Don't be afraid to let them to catch the light! - Rachel A. R. Shaw

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