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When the #Hustle Takes Over

Lady, I would bet my handbag that YOU were one of those little girls who dreamed. Don’t tell me you didn’t stumble around in your mom’s giant high heels anticipating the day that YOU would get to conquer the world; And I know that you would stare at the moon wondering if it really was [...]
Life is Your Catwalk

Unhappy People Believe This.

I strutted down the catwalk…. I mean through the doors of a trendy b-fast restaurant last Saturday. My favorite Kate spade pencils were tauntingly pressed against my notebook in anticipation; on this beautiful day, in this quiet oasis, I was eager to write. It was while waiting for my table, that I first noticed the 20-something with a long sullen face and slouched shoulders. She quite clearly wasn’t feeling as sunny-side up as her eggs. OK! So someone needs to chug her coffee – that was my first thought. I smiled and stifled a giggle.