Update: fEROSh Launches Inclusive Sizes up to XXL

By shopferosh

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Inclusivity has been on the forefront of the fashion industry’s mind over the past while with larger models like Ashley Graham becoming mainstream, and even 2017’s cycle of Project Runway including models in various sizes.   But shopping for the curvier woman can still be a daunting experience.

While visiting my home province of Nova Scotia several months back and visited ‘Everybody’s Fashion’ inclusive boutique in Windsor Nova Scotia, run by my childhood friend Angelina Claes and heard her speak of the struggle that curvier women have had in finding stylish clothing.  Speaking to her opened my eyes up to how difficult it can be for a plus size woman to find beautiful clothes.  While Angelina is filling that gap in the market locally, I realized that my 0-14 sizes had been propagating the elitism that we often see in high fashion, and had a responsibility to offer a better selection of fashion for all sizes.  That brings us to shopfEROSh.com 2.0.

Our women’s fashions now range up to size xxl

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